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Pay Day Loan

BTW Kelisa Auto comes with electronic adjustable mirrors. Kenari is ok but its not very pretty but it is very practical. If i buy kenari its only coz of the big boot and reclining back chairs. It is a practical car for the budget. If you want it to be pretty, you can forget about it la hahha.

My reviews on the Viva: The car looks nice and modern and its better for fatter pple like me. The trick to sit a Viva for taller people who require leg room is to tuck their feet under the driver or front passenger chair. The design of the car is such that it gives you reasonable space for a compact car for those with the height department.

Viva is a very good ride in the area of slower and relax drive, comfort. If you need a point A and B car and you want the comfort and usually not in a major rush for time, Viva payday loans no credit check be ideal. If you want to zip in and out of various lane it is abit more challenging.

Viva, Kelisa and Kenari all 1. payday loans online The size of the car vs the engine used to power the cars, it is obvious that Kelisa is powerful coz its smaller and lighter and more compact and running on 1.

Viva perform better on Auto btw. If you like speed and all that go for Kelisa Manual. If you do buy a Kenari go for manual, the drive is better, if you go for auto, dun expect too much, its only for going point A and B to start with. If you are 1. If you payday loans no credit check a car to get you around Singapore that has very quick short distance pickup and is easy to park and can zip in and out of lanes which is good during rush hour or basically you are always on the go and in a hurry, or you are a salesman that you need travel to places, you need fast, fuel efficent, the best two in one combination go for the Kelisa coz of the small size and good pickup, zipping around town and highway is a breeze and you can squeeze your car inbetween tight lanes to change lanes haaha.

If you want something comfortable and you are just driving from point A to B, you do not need much cargo space and need space when you need it, and if you go more for the looks department and your wallet can afford it, go for the Viva. If you want the best of all then Myvi. But if you ask me??.

I do not regret buying the Viva. If I weren't so unsure about the economy (My industry was able to tell abit of sign of unstable economy during that time hahaha). If i was confident of all that, going back in time, Viva will still be a choice that I will make without my parents influence. The best part about Perodua cars is that repairs, services and modds can be done in truly asia. Kelisa is still selling off the last few units in Perodua Singapore and they have stopped advertising.

They are clearing stock. Kenari is having promotion. OPC auto is going for less than 18k the last time I checked. Viva pricing is very good compare to when I buy. The above are based on my personal experiences with the cars and there is no personal bias in my opinion.

All these are based on Stock cars and test drive cars (they never change air fliter, exhaust, spark plug etc, it come as it is out of the factory). I won't agrue about modds and changes to the car. All cars has its pros and cons. Like the saying one man's treasure is another man's trash. Hope this small review can help anyone in understanding the cars better.

At the end, you must like what you see, what you sit and what you drive. Depends on how you drive. It might work for you and it might not work for you. At the end, its your car, you are driving it. You must like what you drive. Kelisa is rather a older generation of Daihatsu. Engine is imported from Japan. You would be suprised by the kelisa performance when u test drive it. Elite viva or NEW myvi. Myvi is being sold in SG. Page 5 of 6 Important Forum Advisory NoteThis forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts.

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What is the best rate can I get to rent a Perodua Kembara 1. May payday loans online I know if this model is easily available to rent from the airport.

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