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About Us

It’s easy to learn how to fish, get fishing tips in step by step

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About TM Fishing Charters

We are established as a useful resource for fishermen. Our content covers saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, fly fishing, casting, spinning fishing, trolling, etc. Hope our guides are helpful to you. And lastly, wish you a happy and bountiful fishing trip!

  • saltwater fishing
  • fly fishing
  • freshwater fishing
  • float fishing
  • spinning fishing
  • trolling fishing

Reasons to fish

Recreational Fishing is a great way to enjoy the peaceful outdoors with family and friends, but still get the ultimate thrill of landing a big one! It can make you forget about even the most complicated problems and worries, make you feel like you’re in a faraway land, and push you towards a healthier lifestyle:

  • self fulfilment
  • social bonding
  • solitude
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Fishing Guides

Knowing how to plan a fishing trip is just as important as your technique. Find more information about fishing here on TMFishingCharters.com on how to make your fishing trip more fun and successful.

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Learn Theory

Although your only purpose of fishing is entertainment. The theory learning not only helps you improve your skills, better understand the target fish and the rules where you fish, but also helps you catch and release fish properly to not effect the ecosystem where you drop your bait, etc.

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Buy Fishing Gear

You cannot fish without fishing gear. You do not necessarily have too expensive fishing gear as professional fishermen. But choose the gears that best suits the needs, target fish and your pocket. We have a few tutorials that will help you choose gears which are suitable for you.

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Let’s go Fishing Together

Before going to the fishing spot, don’t forget to buy a fishing license (depending on where you live) and check the weather conditions. Your fishing trip can also be more fun if you have friends. Either way, good preparation makes your fishing trip even more favourable and fun!

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