The 7 Best Fishing Coolers with Wheels in 2024

Looking to buy a new cooler but don’t know what to look for? We got you! We have put together a list of the best fishing coolers with wheels, along with a detailed guide of pros and cons exclusively just for you.

Our Top ‘Coolers with Wheels’ Picks

A calm weather, soothing breeze and a chilled drink in hand is every angler’s dream fishing scenario undoubtedly. While you can’t control the weather, you sure can make sure that you have cool drinks by your side at all times. After all, no one likes the combination of a hot day, fishing, and a lukewarm drink. 

Having a reliable and efficient cooler along with other key accessories like backpacks, gloves, etc with you on your trips, be it fishing, camping or tailgating, is definitely a blessing. Add wheels to it, and your trip just got more easy!

Best Fishing Coolers with Wheels

1. Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler

Yeti Tundra Haul

YETI Tundra Haul Fishing Cooler with Wheels
  • Can hold upto 45 cans
  • Impressive Ice Retention
  • Compatible with all terrains
  • Impact & Puncture Resistant Wheels
  • Commercial-grade foam for the best insulation

If you are looking for a no-fuss and all round ice cooler with wheels, the Yeti Tundra Haul is the pick for you! Backed with the quality assurance of Yeti, this ice cooler is designed to not just give you unbeatable cooling but also is ultra durable.

Weighing at 37 pounds, this cooler is quite lightweight and the impact & puncture-resistant wheels makes it not just easy to move around, but also compatible on all terrains. 

This ice cooler is equipped with a commercial grade foam, which is sure to give you the best insulation. In fact, this cooler boasts of carrying up to 45 cans at a time, and keeps them cool for multiple days. Even though it is slightly expensive, you will surely get your money’s worth with the Yeti Tundra Haul. 


  • Amazing cooling for multiple days
  • Hold up to 45 cans
  • Comfortable to move around
  • Works on all terrains
  • Very durable wheels


  • Expensive

2. Igloo Profile Cooler

Igloo Profile, 28 Qt

Igloo Profile Fishing Cooler with Wheels
  • Can hold upto 38 cans
  • Great insulation
  • Sturdy wheels and compatible on all terrains
  • Side handles for a strong grip
  • Cool Riser Technology for great cooling

If you are looking for a simple, trusted, and hassle-free ice cooler, the Igloo Profile 28 Qt ice cooler is the pick for you. This ice cooler is packed with all the features needed to make it a must have on your next picnic, sports event or fishing trip!

This ice cooler can hold upto 38 cans, which makes it very spacious, and the insulation help to keep your food and drinks cool for long. The wheels and side handles are very sturdy, and you will be able to move around your ice cooler on all terrains with ease. 


  • Very spacious
  • Can move around easily on all terrains
  • Great cooling and insulation
  • Quite affordable


  • A bit heavy 

3. ORCA 65 Quart Cooler

ORCA 65 Qt

ORCA 65 Qt Fishing Cooler with Wheels
  • Can hold upto 54 cans
  • Compatible with all terrains
  • Pull handle makes it easy to move around
  • Cargo net for additional storage

Another amazing recommendation for bigger parties and group, the Orca 65 Quart ice cooler is a great option that holds up to 54 cans. This ice cooler is very durable and can keep your drinks cool for upto a couple of days.

Even though this ice cooler is slightly on the heavier side, the pull handle and rugged wheels makes it quite easy to move around. It can move along on all terrains easily, very durable and is sure to last you for years. 


  • Very spacious and can hold upto 54 cans
  • Can move around on all terrains
  • Additional features like extra storage
  • Quite durable


  • Expensive
  • Quite heavy

4. Igloo 70 Qt Premium Trailmate Cooler

Igloo Premium Trailmate, 70 Qt

Igloo Premium Trailmate Fishing Cooler with Wheels
  • Can hold upto 112 cans
  • Ultra durable wheels
  • Incredible cooling
  • Bottle opener on each side
  • Snap on holder for rods 
  • Removable butler tray
  • Two cup holders
  • Locked storage section

The Igloo 70 Qt Premium Ice Cooler is your best friend for all your future beach trips. This ice cooler is extremely spacious and can easily carry upto 112 cans, making it perfect for large parties. It is also extremely durable, and also comes with a ton of additional features like bottle openers on each side, a snap on holder for rods and a removable butler tray.

It also comes with two cup holders which can be turned into a portable table for drinks and food. The storage is also fully lockable, and the cooling and insulation is sure to be a blessing for hot days. 


  • Impressive storage space
  • Very durable
  • Added features like cup holders, bottle openers, rod holders, etc
  • The storage section is lockable


  • Can be a bit heavy to move around

5. Dbest Products Ultra Compact Cooler

Dbest Products

Best Products Ultra Compact Fishing Cooler with Wheels
  • Can hold upto 36 cans
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Leakproof
  • Extra Pockets for storage

For shorter trips and smaller groups, the Dbest Products Ultra Compact Cooler is your top pick. This ice cooler is very compact and lightweight, and can hold upto 36 cans, which is perfect for a short trip. It also comes with additional storage that you can use to hold tidbits on your trip.

The body of the cooler is leakproof, which ensures that your drinks are cool for long. The overall weight of the Dbest cooler is quite light, and the sturdy wheels makes moving around very easy. 


  • Very lightweight
  • Holds upto 36 cans
  • Additional storage space


  • Not very sturdy or durable

6. Igloo Sportsman Cooler

Igloo Sportsman Cooler

Igloo Sportsman Fishing Cooler with Wheels
  • Can hold upto 168 cans
  • Excellent cooling & foam insulation
  • Cushioned grips for maximum comfort
  • UV rays resistant body
  • Impact resistant latch

The Igloo Sportsman Cooler is ideal for big parties and groups. With an ability to hold upto 168 cans and an impressive foam insulation, this ice cooler will keep your drinks cool for multiple days at a time.

The body of this ice cooler is designed to be extremely durable, and it is resistant to UV rays which protects it from sun damage. The impact resistant latch and cushioned grips ensure that not only are your drinks secure but it is also comfortable to move around with ease. 


  • Very spacious and can hold upto 168 cans
  • Very durable
  • Comfortable to move around
  • Impressive cooling


  • Somewhat heavy due to it’s size and storage capacity

7. Pelican RC 45 Qt Wheeled Elite Cooler

Pelican RC 45 Qt

Pelican RC 45 Qt Fishing Cooler with Wheels
  • Can hold upto 34 cans
  • Compatible with all terrains
  • Impressive insulation
  • Rotomolded

A simple and greatly loved ice cooler, the Pelican RC 45 QT Wheeled Elite Cooler is a basic ice cooler that is great for people who are news to buying ice coolers. This cooler is not packed with a bunch if additional features, but has all the necessary features to make it a good pick.

It comes backed with the quality of Pelican, which promises durability and gives you your money’s worth. The large wheels are sturdy and can move around with ease on all terrains. It also has an impressive storage and insulation, and can hold upto 34 cans.

All in all, this is a great pick for someone looking to buy a basic ice cooler that is sturdy and has great cooling ability. 


  • Impressive storage
  • Easily moves around on all terrains
  • Great insulation


  • Rotomolded, which makes uses more plastic
  • Somewhat heavy

As per Reports & Data: The Global Ice Chests and Coolers market was valued at USD 1,051.5 million in 2018 and is projected to attain a value of USD 2,137.2 million by the end of the forecast frame in 2026, registering a CAGR of 9.2%. In terms of volume, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5%

Things to Consider when Buying Coolers with Wheels


The weight is an important feature to look into before investing in an ice cooler. If you are looking to use an ice cooler for long trips with a big group of people, a heavier ice cooler won’t be a problem for you to move around. However, if you have a smaller group and plan shorter trips, we suggest opting for a lighter ice fishing cooler which will be easier to move around. 


When you opt for an ice cooler, we suggest going for one with bigger wheels. Even though smaller wheels do the job too, moving the ice cooler around is just easier with big wheels. After the size of the wheels are to your desire, we suggest looking into the material the wheels are made out of. Wheels which are advertised as compatible on all terrains are the ones you should ideally opt for. 

Storage Size

The perfect storage size depends on the user and events they intend to use it for. For example, if you are looking to use your coolers for big events like major sporting events, or for a long duration, we suggest opting for a bigger ice cooler. However, if you usually use your cooler for shorter trips or with smaller groups, a small or medium sized ice cooler will suit you well. 

Ice Retention

The insulation is the most important feature you should look for in an ice cooler. Soft ice coolers are lighter and have a thinner insulation layer which doesn’t retain ice for too long, while hard ice coolers have a thicker insulation layer, and keeps the ice intact for longer. Depending on your intended use, both the soft and hard coolers have their own purposes.

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An ice cooler is a must have to bring to your next picnic, sports event, beach day, or fishing trips. There is a great variety of brands, sizes, materials, storage, etc, available in the market currently and choosing one that suits you the best can be confusing.

We have compiled a detailed guide of the best fishing coolers with wheels and we personally suggest the Yeti Tundra Haul for a great overall ice cooler with wheels.

FAQs on Best Fishing Coolers with Wheels

We suggest going using the 2:1 ratio of ice:food ratio, especially in coolers that boast of excellent insulation and sealing system. 

An ice cooler is a must-have for you if you enjoy the outdoors a lot. An ice cooler with wheels is the better alternative to one without wheels, because the wheels makes moving the ice cooler around very easy and hassle-free. 

We suggest going for a medium sized ice cooler when your trips are just a couple days long. Medium sized ice coolers have ample storage, but not bulky enough to make moving around difficult. 

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