The 6 Best Fishing Watches in 2024

Our Top ‘Fishing Watch’ Picks

It is said that fishing as an activity is extremely relaxing, but also one that tests your patience.

After all, everyone who fishes has had experiences where they have waited for hours to get some good fish, sometimes without any success at all.

This is undoubtedly frustrating for some, but in 2024 you need not worry about such petty issues. 

A fishing watch works just like a normal watch, but it additionally adds to the whole experience, by helping you assess the ideal conditions for fishing better.

We have compiled a list of the highest-rated & best fishing watches in the market currently, keep reading to find one that suits you the best! 

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Best Fishing Watches Review

1. Casio Pro Trek PRW3500T

Casio Pro Trek PRW3500T

Casio Pro Trek PRW3500T Fishing Watch
  • 660 ft Water Resistance
  • 7 Months Battery Life
  • Digital Compass
  • Sunrise & Sunset Times
  • Barometer
  • Altimeter
  • Thermometer
  • Battery Level

If you are looking for a fishing watch that gives you the best value for your money, the Casio Pro Trek PRW3500T Fishing Watch is the best fit for you.

This fishing watch is the perfect example of an all-rounder. The Casio Pro Trek not only looks stylish and amazing; with its stainless steel bezel, titanium strap & mineral glass, but also gives you the most features.

It comes equipped with a remarkable battery life of 7 months, has a water resistance of 660ft, is durable and thanks to it’s LED backlight, it is also visible under different levels of light. 

The built quality is exceptionally strong, and it is durable even in harsh conditions. The stainless steel ensures that it does not corrode even in deep waters, which makes it an ideal choice for fishing trips.

If you are looking for a fishing watch that will give you the most features & value for your money, this is your best bet! 


  • Water Resistant even in deep waters. 
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Long Battery Life
  • Packed with additional features
  • Value for Money


  • No GPS tracker

2. Casio G7900-1 G-Shock

Casio G7900-1 G-Shock

Casio G7900-1 G-Shock Men Fishing Watch
  • 660 ft Water Resistance
  • 2 year Battery Life
  • Tide Graph
  • Moon Phase
  • Shock Resistant Technology

If you are on the lookout for an affordable yet sturdy fishing watch, you are at the right placed. The Casio G7900-1 G-Shock Mens Fishing Watch is extremely affordable and comes backed with the high-quality of a trusted brand like Casio.

It boasts of a sturdy & durable built quality, with its shock resistant technology, mineral glass, bezel & resin strap. 

It is also equipped with an impressive 2 year long battery life, which means that you will get great use out of your watch. It is water resistant for up to 660 ft, which means that you can take it on your fishing trips without any worry of damaging it.

The additional Auto EL backlight is an added bonus, and ensures that the watch face is visible in all lighting conditions. 


  • Shock Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Great Battery Life
  • Auto EL Backlight
  • Very Affordable


  • Resin Strap might not be liked by everyone. 

3. Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto Traverse Alpha Fishing Watch
  • 330ft Water Resistance
  • 14 Days Battery Life
  • GPS & Digital Compass
  • Sunrise & Sunset Times
  • Moon Phase
  • Barometer
  • Altimeter
  • Thermometer
  • Speed, Distance, Steps & Calories Burned Counter

For the people who like their gadgets to have a myriad of features, we present to you the Suunto Traverse Alpha Fishing Watch

One brief look at the features of this fishing watch will tell you that it is packed with exciting and new features like the calorie counter, step counter, thermometer, altimeter, etc. But that is not even the best part of this fishing watch. 

This is one of the most durable and sturdy fishing watches in the market currently. Not only is it extremely durable to both freak accidents and salwater sprays, it is also shockproof and built with extremely high quality materials, which ensures that it’s body does not get damaged easily.

It is truly a fishing watch made for the rugged man, who is not afraid of experiencing some harsh weather on his trips. 


  • Adequate Backlight
  • Very Durable
  • Stylish & Trendy Design
  • Water Resistant


  • Battery life is not very impressive
  • Heavy

4. Timex Expedition Shock XL

Timex Expedition Shock XL

Timex Expedition Shock XL Fishing Watch
  • 660 ft Water Resistance
  • Indiglo Backlight
  • Chronograph Function
  • Shock Resistance Technology

Another worthy contender to be one of the best fishing watches of the year is the Timex Expedition Shock XL Fishing Watch.

This watch boasts of the quality assurance of Timex and is hands down the most durable & sturdy fishing watch in our article.

It comes equipped with and impressive water resistance of 660ft, and an indiglo backlight, and both combined mean that this watch will not falter even in harsh weather.

It also has a unique Chronograph Function, which allows you to track your past progress over time. It’s built quality makes it extremely sturdy, and it is sure to last you a long time! 


  • Great Water Resistance Ability
  • Stainless Steel Built makes it very durable
  • The unique Chronograph Function allows you to track your best records over time


  • The Resin strap might not be liked by many

5. Garmin Instinct Solar (Standard)

Garmin Instinct Solar (Standard)

Garmin Instinct Solar (Standard) Fishing Watch
  • Battery Life of 24 Days
  • 28 Sports Modes
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Solar Charging Transparent Power Glass

If you’re not a fan of traditional charging methods & like to live a rugged life, you will love the Garmin Instinct Solar Fishing Watch.

Unlike the newer & trendier models of fishing watches on this list, this watch gives a more classic feel. It is built to be extremely sturdy & durable, and this can be considered bulky to some. 

It also has a unique & extremely energy-efficient way of charging, which is through solar energy. At the end of the day, this fishing watch is a classic piece, and is sure to give the wearer a nostalgic feel. 


  • Sturdy Built
  • Variety of Sports Modes
  • Energy efficient charging


  • Looks Bulky
  • Battery Life can be improved

6. Casio WR100M

Casio WR100M

Casio WR100M Fishing Watch
  • 660 ft Water Resistance
  • Battery Life of 10 Years
  • Fishing Indicator
  • Moon phase indicator
  • Multi-functioning alarm
  • Stopwatch, Countdown timer & Auto Calendar

Backed with the quality of Casio, the WR100M Mens Fishing Timer Quartz Watch is a must-have for everyone who loves fishing.

This fishing watch might look like any other, but it is packed with features designed specifically to make your fishing trips more fun and memorable. 

The Casio Fishing Watch comes with an impressive water resistance of 660ft and a battery life of a whopping 10 years, which is extremely rare.

But what makes this fishing watch a hit among fishing enthusiasts is its unique fishing indicator feature, which calculates the date, time & settings to assess the fishing levels & moon phase, and helps you decide when & where to cast your line. 


  • Impressive Water Resistance
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Packed with additional features


  • Setting up the watch can be complex, and might need some time

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Fishing Watch?

Water Resistance

If you are looking specifically for fishing watches it is evident that you plan to wear it on your fishing trips.

As such, you should make sure to know if your watch is water resistant, and till which level.

Getting your fishing watch soaked with saltwater or even accidentally dropping it in the water is extremely common, so it is important that you ensure that your watch comes with an adequate water resistance ability. 

GPS and Compass

Most phones nowadays have an inbuilt GPS system and a Compass. But it’s also highly unlikely that during an emergency your first thought would be to use the GPS on your phone, if you had one on your watch already.

Having a GPS and Compass on your fishing watch is more convenient when you’re on a fishing trip, so if that is something important to you, make sure to check if the watch you’re planning to buy has them. 

Battery Life

Having a good battery life on your gadgets is always a win, and even more so when you are gone for days on fishing trips.

If you are someone who does not like the hassle of having to charge and recharge their fishing watch before a big fishing adventure, we suggest you invest in one that boasts of a long battery life to make things easier for you.

Also remember that fishing watches that have more features tend to drain their batteries quicker. 

Tidal Charts and Moon Phase Indicators

Everyone who loves fishing knows how important it is to know information about the tides on their fishing trips, ans how tide levels affect fishes. The same thing applies to moon phase indicators.

Fishing watches usually have elaborate tidal charts & moon phase indicators programmed into them that allows you to get the correct & detailed information, which allows you to plan better for your trip. 

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Difference Between a Regular Sports Watch and a Fishing Watch

When it comes to watches, some people may settle for a regular sports watch, but those who have a passion for fishing may want to take it a step further and invest in a fishing watch.

While sports watches are designed for a wide range of sports activities, fishing watches are specifically tailored to meet the needs of anglers.

One key difference between the two is that not all sports watches provide information on lunar and tidal conditions, which are crucial for deep-sea fishing.

Additionally, features like a barometer, which measures air pressure, may not be available on all sports watches.

Therefore, when making a decision, it is important to consider these differences between sports watches and fishing watches.

Final Thoughts on the Best Fishing Watches

A fishing watch is a great addition to a fishing trip, as it’s many features can make the trip a more fun & hassle free one.

Before buying a watch you should make sure to know all about it’s features, to assess what you do and don’t like.

The most important features are water resistance, durability, GPS & Compass system & a good battery life. We personally suggest the Casio Pro Trek PRW3500T Fishing Watch

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A fishing watch is an useful accessory for fishermen or even fishing enthusiasts, as they are specially designed to be of use during fishing trips and even help in the navigation at times. Wearing a regular wrist watch on a fishing trip might end up ruining it, but fishing watches are sturdier and built to survive the saltwater splashes. 

Before investing in a fishing watch, we suggest you do your due research and look into it’s water resistance levels, durability, battery life, GPS & Compass system and tidal & moon charts systems. 

Buying a fishing watch with a long battery life allows you to plan your fishing trips, however long or short, and not having to worry about charging and recharging your watch again and again. 

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